WOW! What a week!

Oh my goodness! Y'all are fabulous! We have been utterly amazed and truly humbled by your grace, kindness, and loving support of our little café! It's been a whirlwind of a week and I've had delivery trucks at Bluebird almost everyday, sometimes twice a day to keep up with the orders! YAY!! Saturday (today) we were delightfully packed and we ran out. Of everything. Literally everything. This is a great problem to have! I called my suppliers asking desperately for help but, alas, none of my suppliers deliver on Sunday. Consequently, we will be closed Sunday, June 25th but will reopen 8:30AM Monday, June 26th. Thank you for your graciousness and patience during this time of growth! We love you all and look forward to serving you gourmet, healthy, fun food!! Have an excellent sabbath!