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About Bluebird Café

Bluebird is a new quick-serve café in Lakeside Chautauqua that offers whole foods for the whole family. As owners Jen and Ben Linville began to raise two bright young sons, they quickly realized the challenges of finding and preparing delicious food for their family that was not laden with additives, sugars, or preservatives. Many meals later Jen, a self-described ‘food enthusiast,’ put together a menu of gourmet, wholesome, and affordable food that toddlers-to-grandparents can enjoy and feel good about eating. The team at Bluebird serve a small menu with outstanding salads, savory and sweet paninis, smoothies with real fruit, organic dairy and dairy-free frozen yogurt, and specially designed meal boxes for the discerning Little Bird taste palettes. They have many diet and allergen friendly options available. They look forward to meeting you up by the lake and encourage you to ‘eat like a bird!’